Another weekend…

Another Animated Issue.

This book only has 5 animations in it. Sorry.

Trying to do all these animations in 2 days is tiresome. And with the holidays and family visiting. It’s downright back breaking.

But. THey’re also fun. And honestly. WIth your support (meaning downloads) it’s actually turning out to be a good bit of extra cash.

So thank you.

As always…here’s some sample pages.

Just open these up and find the frame to click on.

It’ll animate (though it may ask you if you TRUST me….and hopefully you do).

It’s just quicktime. So it’s safe.


Nicole turns off the lights and lets Alex sleep…

Kiwi and Alex chat…

Thank you all again for your support of everything. Thanks for the emails. The book orders. The Wowio Downloads. Everything.

Hope you enjoy this week of pages. And other than a pin-up for Christmas. I’m going to keep updating until at least the end of this chapter.

Which should end in March.

So please be prepared for the most AWESOME chapter EVER, and we’ll be doing 5 days a week at least until March.