My wife posted a reply in yesterday’s post about the cow….

I thought I’d put it up as an actual post since she’s never actually posted on the blog before…

Hi All!
I hardly (If ever) post here…I mostly leave this to Scott…I just look at the pages every day! The cow was so cute though…I love the idea!

I just want to personally say THANK YOU to all of you out there who have made this comic what it is! It really is Scott’s passion to put this together for you all and it means so much that you are enjoying it and supporting him daily!

I will also let you know that every morning he wakes up (twinkle in eye) and goes downstairs (his office is on our basement) and to work on Dreamland! Every time I go down there to bring him food (or he won’t remember to eat…those crazy artist types) he has pages up on his (many) computers and is always rendering something! Even our 4 year olds know what rendering means…I mean what 4 year old knows this! Yikes!

It is killing him that he might have to take a break to regroup and get some additional pages done for you all! So please be patient with him! I have seen most of the story stuff (sorry…marital priveledges) and it is going to be awesome! I promise you won’t be disappointed! And I’m feeding him and occasionally giving him oxygen so he can continue to work as fast as is humanly possible!

I wish all of you a wonderful holiday season to you and your families!
The wife (a.k.a. Donna)