The strangest thing happened the other day.

My buddy Mike Maihack’s Cow from his comic Cow and Buffalo “BLINKED” himself out of his comic…and into the internet.

He’s been appearing all over the web in various comics.

Today…he popped into Dreamland’s 3D realm.

To find out how it all happened…check out Mike’s comic here…

My apologies to Mike for my HORRID modelling job.

Mike…I TOLD you I’m bad at this.

Still…it was too fun of a concept to pass up. And I thank Mike for including me.

On a side note….

We’re done with Chapter 9.

I’m lettering Chapter 10.

This is EXTREMELY scary for me.

As some of you may remember from 2 years ago. I started out with a 300 page buffer.

That buffer is now down to less than 60 pages.

That’s just over 2 months of comics I have as a cushion.

I’m working as hard as I can. But Chapter Ten may be the last chapter we see daily updates on.

Unless Chapter 11 goes REALLY REALLY well. We’ll see.

Either way.

Thanks…as always…for your support. I hope you enjoy this chapter.

No…scratch that.

I KNOW you’re going to enjoy it.


I went back and re-wrote it (it was originally written back in 2002) just for you all.

So sit back and enjoy the ride.