Hey all!

So here’s the latest installment of the ANIMATED Wowio issues of The Dreamland Chronicles.

For those new to this…I’ve been putting up issues of the Dreamland Chronicles on Wowio.

Wowio is a place that lets you download my comic books for FREE.

But each download helps support Dreamland because the advertisements in the books earn us money.

So your free downloads is another way to support us (aside from coming here every day and also buying the books at our store).



I’ve been exprimenting with taking frames of the books and animating them in some ways.

Sometimes a flythrough, sometimes a turnaround, sometimes bringing characters to life.

This issue we get to explore the tomb, see Nicodemus, and meet Nicole and Dan for the first time.

I’ll hopefully work out a good system and get better at these animated books as we progress. But I hope you are enjoying them so far.

As before…I’m showing a couple pages for those of you who can not download the whole books yet. (it’s only for US residents currently)

The first is from the Tomb of the Ancient Kings. See what Alexander sees as he walks to the dias with the sword…


The second is from where Alexander sees the necklace for the first time in 8 years.


Find a frame and click it to see it come to life.

For those of you who can download the whole book (and want to see more)…

Go here and enjoy.

I have about 60 books up on Wowio now.

So if you enjoy Dreamland. And want to support it.

If you enjoy daily updates and a fun All Ages story…please download ALL of the books by Blue Dream Studios and tell your friends too.