Today ends another chapter….wow.

I’m working on chapter 10 right now. So hopefully we’re still good for a few more months of daily updates.

In the meanwhile…a couple of things.

1) I found a really cute and funny (and I love the art) comic calle No Pink Ponies.

You should really check it out.

It’s a fun comedy about a young girl who has a crush on a guy at a comic shop…so she hatches a plan to open her OWN comic shop to lure him in.

Somehow it works too…huh.


2) I made some new banners.

If you remember I did a dancing paddington banner that wasn’t very well received.

The consensus was to try Nastajia.

So…here she is….

Click on them for FULL SIZE VIEWS…

That’s the nice one.

Here’s the 100k version I have to use…

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks again for sticking around for 500+ pages and hope you like issue 9.