I didn’t want to talk about it…but I just can’t get any work done today.

Our next door neighbor is here now. She is taking care of a 4 year old girl from India for 2 weeks.


At age 2 her stepmom put ACID in her eyes (blinding her) and her father left her on a train. Blind and alone.

She was found begging for food and brought into some nice people’s home.

Through some very generous people’s donations she has been given a chance to see again 2 years later here in Nashville.

She is hopping from house to house as nice people like my neighbors take her and her caregiver in for 2 weeks at a time until she can have the operation.

Watching this sweet little girl walking around with my boys. Trying to find a golf ball she’s throwing around…it’s just heartbreaking.

All I can think about is that this world has no hope. It’s just freakin’ evil.

How can someone do this to a 2 year old???

Mind you. this wasn’t an accident. The step mom pulled her head back and put DROPS into her eyes to purposely blind her.

I’m sorry. I hate to post depressing things on the Dreamland forum. I want this to be a happy place.

But I can’t think of fairies and dancing rock giants while