Hi all!

As I am HORRIBLE with doing web page stuff…it took me a couple of days of hacking away at the keys until something slightly resembling a store came up.

Thanks again to Scott Zirkel for taking time away from your 4 hour lunch break to help out.


We have KIWI and NASTAJIA figures!



So come and browse the store and help support us.


In other news. We have a distributor!!!!

Yes…the comic con went SO well that we were able to get a distributor for our books!

THis means that the Dreamland Chronicles (and Pet Robots and Ed’s Terrestrials) will be in your local Barnes and Noble, Borders, and so on.

You may remember a couple months back when we were told that my books couldn’t get in to these book stores for the most ridiculous of reasons.

Well…new regime…and new people with an eye for something fun and…well Dreamlandy.


It may be a few months until we get into the system…but we did it!

Thank you all!