Well for the first time ever…

We get to meet Nastajia’s parents.

Oberon and Titania.

Now before anyone says anything.

I named Oberon because I thought it was a cool name from my childhood.

I used to play with Micronauts (back in the 70’s for you young’ns) and there was this cool character named Oberon.

When I named them originally. It was Oberon and Juliana.

But Karen convinced me that it would be cooler to have the names from Shakespeare (since I was already halfway there unwittingly)

So before anyone asks me if I like Shakespeare…the answer is…no.

My wife does (at least she SAYS she does).


Anyways. I really like them. It’s always fun to write royalty (even with Nicodemus). But they have compassion that Nick doesn’t.

Hope you enjoy it.