Well first thing tomorrow morning the family is hopping on a plane to San Diego for the Comic Con.

This should be a really great con. I’m hoping it is…ha ha.

I look forward to meeting all of you who’ll be stopping by.

I have a raffle I’m going to do to give away some free stuff. Should be lots o’ fun.

Also…today is the start of Chapter 8.

Chapter 8 is the LAST chapter I have done.

I’ve not started chapter 9 yet…but hope to when I return next week.

I’m saying this because when I started putting Dreamland online back in January of 2006…I had about 300 pages already completed.

That’s quite a cushion.

So for a while we were at 7 days a week (6 months I think).

Now here I am 450 pages in…and I’m looking at another 50 or so pages left and hoping I can stay ahead of the curve.

I’ll keep you all up to date on things…but hopefully Comic Con goes well and we sell some books. That would really help our finances so I don’t have to keep taking the animation projects to live.

I don’t like to be in ANY way negative here. I like to keep things cheery. So please understand this is not a bad thing.

Just an update on things. I like to keep you informed so you know a bit more of what’s going on.

I hope you enjoy Chapter 8. It’s a fun chapter that lets us meet some family members of Alex and Daniel. We get not one…but TWO flashbacks to Dreamland…and of course Felicity and Nastajia go at it again…but this time Felicity shows some claws.

Stay tuned and thank you all again for being a part of this adventure of ours.

For those of you who will be in San Diego…see you in a couple days.

For those of you who can’t make it…I hope to see you one day soon.