Hey all…

Just wanted to update you all on the comic con thing.

Again…we’ll be at Booth number 1947.

We will have the following…

1) The Dreamland Chronicles Book One

2) Nastajia figures (LImited to 1000 and signed and an original sketch on the back)

3) Kiwi Figures (Limited to 1,000 and signed and an original sketch on the back)

4) Pet Robots

5) Ed’s Terrestrials

6) The Lab

7) Psi Kix

And there are going to be a few OTHER stuff coming up I’ll be telling you about in a few days.

Some REALLY cool things (as if the toys and books weren’t cool enough)

I’ve decided that I will be lowing the price on the figures to $24.95 (they were originally going to be $34.95)

So that they’re affordable to everyone.

But please remember. Once these 1,000 are gone (and I think they’ll be sold out for the con) then the next batch will not have a spot for sketches and will not be signed and numbered.

Those will sell for $19.95.

I will put them up for order online for those of you who can not go to the con.

I’ll do that before we leave in 10 days.

I’ll post about the other things shortly.

Thanks again all.