I will DEFINITELY be shipping worldwide.

I think it costs an extra $5 or $10. But we’ll work that out.

Also….I was considering having “Specials”.

So if you bought both Kiwi and Nastajia you would get them for say $50.

Saving $10.

Or…if you bought a figure and a book…you’d save some money too.

Is that better?

Thank you all for the questions and comments.

Here’s some more answers.

We’re going to be in booth 1947.

Check out the map to see.


Now as for the figures.

This first batch cost us some good money to get the molds made.

This is why I’ve limited them to only 1,000 each.

This is also why I’ve made them signed and with a sketch.

I need to charge a bit more for this first run…so I wanted it something special.

With that in mind. I am going to sell the limited edition figures for $29.95.

The regular ones once we sell out will be $19.95.

I’ve never made toys/figures before. So I’m not sure if this price is good, bad, or dead on.

So please give me your feedback.

If you can’t remember what they look like. Go down 2 posts and look again.

Thanks all. Please let me know your thoughts.