Hey all…

For those of you who were waiting to pick up Dreamland at your local Barnes and Noble or Borders…

It’s not going to happen any time soon.

I just received an email from my Marketing Director Brian Petkash that the buyers for Barnes and Noble and Borders didn’t like and didn’t want Dreamland in their stores.

Apparently the art looks “dated” and just didn’t fit with their ‘high standards”.

Regardless…the book continues to be in the top 10% of sales for Amazon…we’re selling well here on the site…and we’ve reached almost 2,000,000 new readers online.

So…all I can say to Borders and Barnes and Noble is…your loss.

I hate to sound bitter. I’m not bitter.

I’m mad.

I’m so tired of people like this who are somehow in a position of telling people like me what I can and can’t do. Despite the evidence that people enjoy the books.

So I need to vent. And I’d rather do it here.

As always…thanks for being loyal readers. Thanks for being vocal…for the encouragement, grammar corrections, squeals, jokes, and friendship.

Book two is almost done…and no amount of nay saying will keep me from continuing this dream of mine.
Thanks for sticking around and thanks for reading.

You guys help me keep going.