I know I don’t talk alot about my personal life here.

I try to keep this professional and fun. But sometimes it’s good to just get it out…so why not here?


I have about 20 more pages to go to finish Dreamland book Two. That’s twenty pages…then done.

Of course I still have to do the cover, the extras, and what not.

Oh…then I have to go through all 300 pages and correct all mistakes and spelling errors.

But…after THAT…I’m done.

I’ve been trying to get this book done for a while now. I really wanted it for this years San Diego Comic Con.

My wife thinks I’m pushing myself too hard. But I know it’ll be done by then….and I’ll kick myself if its still at the printer.

ANyways…we’re also selling our house. So I’ve had to spend a LOT of time with realtors, painters, and the like.

Dealing with the move…buying a new house. Moving to another part of the country…wow.

Now add on my books, trying to do my animation (paying work), finding time to hang out with the kids, everything. Some days it’s just too much.

I hope I can get this all done. I hope everything works out ok.

It’s just…yikes.

I’m sure you ALL feel that way. My life is a total blessing. It’s a great life.

Mind you I’m NOT complaining. Just…some days it’s overwhelming.

I think you move in stages of responsibility.

After High School you now have responisibility of getting a job. Going to college. Whatever.

Then after that…moving out.

That’s a big one.

Then marriage. Career….kids.

The thing is…you don’t replace them.

They heap on top of eachother. Career didn’t go away. Living on my own (away from my parents) hasn’t. Marriage still needs attention. Kids too.

So some days it’s just this big weight. Other days it’s a breeze.

It’s all GOOD. But man….you just wish you could take a break from it all.

Β Just to taste for a day or two what total lack of responsibility feels like again.

Anyways. I just wanted to dump my brain publicly…ha ha. I hope you all don’t mind.

Its cheaper than therapy I guess.

I’ve always wanted to go…but haven’t had a real reason to yet.

I’m trying to create one…he he. But nothing major yet.

Hope you’re all still enjoying Dreamland…and thanks for all the great info on WOW.

It’s nice to see all the new people posting. I knew you were out there…I just hadn’t said anything interesting until the WOW post…eh?