Alrighty then.

You asked for it.

Now here’s your chance.

Since I first started putting Dreamland online a year ago…I’ve been sent emails from readers who want to support Dreamland…but haven’t the means to (no money).

That’s cool. That’s why I put it online…right? I wanted people to read for free.

As you all know…Dreamland is an expensive endeavor. I’ve made no requests for money. No donations. No charity.

We’ve been doing pretty good on selling the books…but have yet to make back the initial investment on the printing. But we’re working on it. Thanks to those who’ve purchased it.

We’ve added some advertising. Hopefully that will bring in a buck or two a day. Every little bit helps.

Now….we have a new possibility to help us out.


Mike Miller (of Lullaby fame) has been helping me work out a way to get Dreamland to the masses via Wowio, and now we’re ready to give it a try.

Wowio is basically a place where you can download books like Shakespear and Jane Austin and such for FREE.

I have planned…a WEEKLY book I’ll put out every Monday.

This book will be 15-20 pages of story (starting from the beginning) and another 5 pages of behind the scenes sketches and such.

Now…as a faithful reader it may not be new to you. That’s ok. We’ll get to that part next.

But to new readers who pick it up at Wowio…it’ll be a fun read from the beginning.

One thing I’d like to do is have these e-books be like a weekly magazine too. Where we get fans to send in fan art (which I will also hopefully get to use in the PRINTED book), Fan Fiction, and other cool things.

Each week…I’ll add NEW stuff from our archive of sketches and such…as well as some fan works.

I figure we’ll create a section on the FORUM to submit both fan art and fan fiction (and anything else like maybe costumes and such)

Does this sound like fun?

The catch here is…Wowio is going to put advertising in. From this advertising in the ebooks you download every week…there’s a small kickback.

So…for those of you who’ve said…”I want to help…but I’m broke”


It doesn’t cost anything. They’re a legit company (try recommending 10 people and even get an ipod). Just give it a try and see what happens.

To summarize…

1) Click the image below to go to the Dreamland page of Wowio. Register and Download.

It’s that simple. You do that…I get a few cents.

You’ve now helped keep Dreamland going.

2) If you’d like to get your artwork or writing or something put into the next issue…we’re going to set up a section of the forum for that.

Join in and have fun.

3) Recommend 10 people and get an ipod.

This is not a gimmick….well yes it is. But it’s apparently legit. (Mike Miller got his…I’m going to see if I get one too)

4) Download every week and let’s see if we can keep Dreamland going for a long time.

This is what I love to do. So I’d like to hope that this can work out.

But I need your help.

So…here ya go.

My fate is in your hands….