Welcome to the Dreamland Chronicles!
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  1. LazerWulf

    And Catgirls and Rock Giants! Don’t forget about them!

  2. esnipplee

    catgirl = epic.

  3. Casey

    Scott’s put a lot of work into the backgrounds in the “real world.” You’ll see posters and such in the bedrooms and dorm room. If you see somthing, and you know what it is, post it!

  4. Hawkshadow741

    Felicity is, ironicaly, my favorite character in the series, she’s the most expressive in the series

  5. Megadorkynerdgoddess

    I remember first stumbling upon this series. I only clicked the link because it had an Elf on it. Now I hold my breath in anticipation of each new strip. It really is such good work!

  6. starfire

    I really love the way this comic is drawn.

  7. lovemonkey

    I really hate the way this comic is drawn.

  8. Megadorkynerdgoddess

    *blows razberry*

  9. norvman

    “I really hate the way this comic is drawn.”
    LOL! that’s cause it’s not… it’s 3D illustration muuuuuuch harder to do than just drawin’

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    so far so good, i have no problem on how the comic is drawn, it was done pretty well and more effort on 3d.

  11. Essays

    Welcome to the Dreamland Chronicles is a good story to rad I think that this is a must like story for the children they story has so good that it can be called as one of the best that the children can get to read.

  12. barry phillips
    barry phillips

    great enrgusiasm and creativity, looks great on web

  13. TacoTown

    1200 pages and counting eh? that’s nothing compared to Phil Likes Taco’s 3000 and counting.

  14. Iceideth


  15. Grumbly

    What if there’s a place in the nightmare realm that allows a person to visit here when asleep, like dreamland in reverse?

  16. Beria

    is there ever a time when the dream landers sleep?

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    I really love the way this comic is drawn.

  19. Ann

    How can I purchase used Books Four and beyond?
    I have found the first three with black background front covers. I can’t find Book Four.
    My daughter loves the graphics and characters. She’s had a hard Hard couple of years and I’m trying to surprise her.
    I can not afford much.

    Can anyone help please ?

    Thank you so much, ann

  20. Scott Christian Sava

    I think your best bet is Amazon or Ebay.
    Hope that helps.

  21. kranah

    ummm shouldn’t tracy have her name as illustrator as well? it says on that picture it was all done by scott, and yes, i know he is the creator and all….yet she is the one who helped him finish the story for us all to enjoy. other then that, thanks for the awesome story, scott =)

  22. Jiggily Joe
    Jiggily Joe

    Alright, Time to buckle up and dig in!

    For those that don’t know Scott finished this story, on Sept 7th 2017. So today, I start my re-read of the whole series, all 2151 pages of it!

  23. Scott Christian Sava

    Oh jeez. That was done 10 years ago when I was doing the illustration.
    Tracy came on board last year to finish up.
    If/when she starts redoing the series all in her own art… we’ll redo this poster for sure.

    Thanks for pointing that out though.

  24. Endalrin

    you should reprint all the books when you print the final books.
    Would be a great way to pay for redrawing the entire series.

  25. Bill Keyes
    Bill Keyes

    If you are just starting The Dreamland Chronicles then you have a long and glorious read ahead of you. A most excellent adventure!

  26. Medron Pryde

    This is a good story. If this is your first time seeing it, I welcome you to the magic, to the adventure, and to romance (just don’t tell your kids its a kissing story) that is…


  27. Lee Akers Sr.

    Thank you. It has been a fun time in Dreamland.

  28. DocNoc

    I just found a photo of a woman who is now my real life Nicole. https://timedotcom.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/person-of-year-2017-time-magazine-cover1.jpg?w=1000&quality=95 In the front.


    It has been a fun time in Dreamland!

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    The Dreamland Chronicles: Book One is a fun and entertaining all-ages tale that posits the existence of a magical world of fantastic creatures, visited by children in their dreams

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    I love this book.

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    Great book!

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  34. Henry Jones

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  1. Will

    That’s just great!
    Thanks for sharing this with us 🙂

  2. Zach

    That is a great gift.
    Has it already been five years since the last of the story of dreamland was told? Time flies.

  3. ManWithJoeName

    That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. EvilKiru


  5. TekServer

    You’re amazing, Scott. I hope your boys know how lucky they are to have you for a father.
    I know you know how lucky you are to have them for sons.

  6. TuT0206

    It blows my mind that no one is talking about the 8 second animation of The Dreamland Chronicles! (0:04-0:12) That looks amazing! Please give let that be the next gift to us all!

  7. Scott Christian Sava

    Thank you!

  8. Scott Christian Sava

    Yeah. 2016 was the last page.

  9. Scott Christian Sava

    My pleasure! ♥

  10. Scott Christian Sava


  11. Scott Christian Sava

    Thank you so much!

  12. Scott Christian Sava

    Ha. Yeah. That’s from the opening of my movie Animal Crackers (on Netflix). I’d love to make the whole movie/series like that, though.

  13. HKMaly

    TWO magic swords of King of Dreamland? 🙂

  14. Scott Christian Sava

    Well… they went to two different schools… 🙂

  15. postknight 2

    That is a fantastic present. Is it really five years since the last part of the dreamland story was told? It is amazing how quickly time passes.

  16. see more

    Scott, you’re amazing. I hope your sons are aware of their good fortune in having you as their father. I’m sure you recognize your good fortune in having them as sons.

  17. CaptainRadar

    Nice-looks like a case of art imitates life…

  18. Cracked Sidewalk

    I agree that time flies by so quickly. Thank you for sharing, and I followed your tiktok.

  19. Olivia

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